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Step into the Future with Grants and Incentives

Reward your innovation! We are here to support your success. Explore Grant and Incentive opportunities with our expert consultants.

Grant and Incentive


As StartupCentrum, which stands side by side with the spirit of entrepreneurship; we manage all your national and international grants, incentives and funding processes from start to finish with our expert team and provide the support you need to carry your business into the future.

We analyze the needs and capacity of your startup; our expert team offers tailor-made solutions for you, taking into account your specific goals and sector requirements.

Thanks to our expertise in the sector, we ensure that you benefit from all grant and incentive opportunities offered by institutions such as Technoparks, Development Agencies, TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and EU in the most efficient way and with a high success rate.

We are here to optimize your applications, manage the processes in the best way and carry your business into the future.

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