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An Innovative Bridge

In the Global Startup Ecosystem

StartupCentrum is a global data and startup platform that bridges entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators and talent.

Our Mission
and Vision


Our mission is to prepare an environment for all stakeholders in the startup ecosystem to achieve success in accordance with their goals, to create a bridge between ecosystems and to provide this through a single platform.

Our vision is to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem by creating a sustainable ecosystem around the world, bringing together future leaders and all ecosystem players.

Why StartupCentrum?


Global Bridge

We bring together entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators and talent with ecosystem players in different countries around the world...


Creative Solutions

By supporting innovation, we help entrepreneurs and ecosystem players find creative solutions to their problems. In this way, we h...


Data Driven Approach

Our platform aims to understand entrepreneurship ecosystems through in-depth data analysis and information sharing. We provide our...

How do we work on the platform?

As StartupCentrum, we are creating a data-driven global entrepreneurship network, preparing the ground for future technology leaders and various collaborations.

We provide them with the necessary resources to grow their business. By providing opportunities to meet with investors, we help entrepreneurs who want to realize their projects discover their potential. We also guide entrepreneurs through accelerator programs and mentorship opportunities. We also support startups in their growth process with our special recruitment and grant incentive consultancy services.

Why StartupCentrum?


Recruitment Consultancy

As StartupCentrum, our desire to bring together every player in the ecosystem who needs each other enables us to discover talents ...


Grant and Incentives

As StartupCentrum, which stands side by side with the spirit of entrepreneurship; we manage all your national and international gr...

Our Investor Identity

StartupCentrum Alpha Venture Capital Investment Fund

As StartupCentrum, we provide an environment for investors to invest in startups with high potential by launching StratupCentrum Alpha Venture Capital Investment Fund with ARZ Portfolio, one of the most important portfolio companies in Turkey.

To join the fund and discover startups in the ecosystem, you can contact us at [email protected].

Angel Investment Network

With StartupCentrum Angel Investment Network, established in Istanbul and Ankara and accredited by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, we bring together individual investors with the technology startups they want to invest in.

As an individual investor, you can contact us at [email protected] to join this network and come together with technology startups.