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Mobile application developer

Startup: Get Job
Sector: Human Resources
Working Plan: Advisor (Verified), Full-time, Remote, Freelance, Mentor (Verified), Part time, Intern
Profession: IOS Development
Skills: Knowledge Management, Emotional Intelligence, Inspiring, Storytelling, Work Ethic, Discussion, Business Life Awareness, Visual Communication, Understanding, Work Ethic, Organization, Technology Trends Awareness, Planning, Time Management, Adaptability, Process Improvement, Persuasion, Enthusiasm, Physical Communication, Meeting Management

Turkey, İzmir May 11, 2021

Business Development Intern

Startup: Consight Research
Sector: Data & Analytics
Working Plan: Intern
Profession: Business Development
Skills: Problem Solving

Turkey, İstanbul May 6, 2021

Buky Çözüm Partneri

Startup: BukyTalk
Sector: Entertainment
Working Plan: Intern
Profession: Operation
Skills: Listening, Storytelling, Discussion

Turkey, İstanbul May 4, 2021

Sosyal Medya Stajyeri

Startup: BukyTalk
Sector: Entertainment
Working Plan: Intern
Profession: Social Media
Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator

Turkey, İstanbul May 4, 2021

Mid-Level Front-End Developer

Startup: Nera Social
Sector: SaaS & PaaS
Working Plan: Remote, Full-time
Profession: Front End Development
Skills: JavaScript

Estonia, Tallinn May 2, 2021
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