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Medianova CDN

February 13, 2006

Show must go on !

About Provider

At Medianova, we help build a better internet .We believe that with our talented team, smart technology and engaged users we can solve some of the biggest problems on the internet. Our mission is to develop a content delivery network solution that is accessible to as many people as possible. We offer friendly and experienced 24/7 proactive support,and service-driven employees ensure our customers success everyday.

About Services

We create a faster digital world with our platforms and services. We use new technologies like patent pending Dockerized CDN Platform, HTTP/2, BBR, Brotli, Image Optimization for a faster content delivery and better digital experiences.With 43 datacenters footprint around the world, Medianova handles 8 billion images, 9 million songs, 11 million videos and many live event streamings on a daily basis. Yes, all this content is delivered at a lightning fast speed. We know we are not well known globally (yet).But we also know those who make it, are the ones who can dream. We know we can because we are Medianova!

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Medianova CDN
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Medianova CDN

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Software, Production


Turkey / İstanbul


Mecidiyeköy İş Merkezi Şehit Ahmet Sokak No:4 Kat:15 Mecidiyeköy İstanbul

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